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Hi Family and Friends! This is my first year experiencing the Elks Rodeo and we are going all in by sponsoring a Rodeo Queen Candidate. This is amazing and lots of work but it is so worth it. We will be helping our young lady candidate with her education scholarship and end result - helping our Veterans, Families and People Experiencing homeless with the needed services to change their lives. Join me?!!! Share with your contacts too.

Elks Rodeo Queen Campaign

About This Event

We are excited to announce we have thrown in our hat and will be sponsoring an Elks Rodeo Queen Candidate!

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We can’t tell you who our candidate is until her official unveiling on Saturday, April 14th at the Queen Kickoff and Auction Dinner.  Don't forget to come check out the details about her dreams, aspirations, and plans to care for her community.

We can tell you she has a huge heart for Veterans, Families and Others experiencing homelessness in our communities and is giving her support to our new community-driven programs called Home for Good and Mission United.

Home for Good is a community-driven action planwith a vision of combating homelessness by engaging the entire community ineliminating the negative effects of homelessness on our homeless neighbors,businesses, and communities.

Mission United where we fight for those who fought for us. United Way’s Mission United enables military Veterans and their families to successfully acclimate back to civilian life.  She wants everyone to become aware of the impact our Home For Good and Mission United programs can accomplish.

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